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I wrote an article for Aluna Temple Magazine Bridges and I am so happy about it, you can click here and read it! There are beautiful articles also by Ya`Acov Darling Khan and Caroline Carey from the School of movement Medicine. It has been a deep privilege writing for Aluna Magazine and I feel very honored and humbled to share my story. I have been asked to write about my journey with cancer and how drumming, dancing and singing have been healing forces in my life. I remember being love with the dance since I was a child….I can say dancing saved my life!

In this profound and moving video, Earth Talk Colin Campbell, you can hear Colin Campbell talking about  human beings` isolation  in this moment of crisis and about 5 medicines in traditional societies: dancing, singing, praying, creating ritual and storytelling. Colin is an extraordinary traditional African doctor, offering a range of public lectures, drawing on his knowledge of rapidly vanishing traditional indigenous cosmology. He says beautifully that our souls are yearning to be seen and witnessed and when we are seen our soul is validated. We all need each other. Dancing, singing, storytelling is a way to witness and validate each other. I had the privilege of  having personal consultations with him and I felt deeply seen, witness and encouraged in taking new powerful steps in my creative, artistic, healing and spiritual journey, in order to be more strongly who I am, allow my nature to blossom and expand and offer my gifts and medicine to others. Since lately I have been asked few times to write, I feel writing is becoming also strongly part of my personal medicine and storytelling is related also to offering my performances as a clown.

I have been featured as a sound therapist also in Artists of Health, a book written by Holistic practitioner Tash Mitch about Alternative Health through the eyes of innovators. I was very surprised when she asked me to make a contribution and share my life journey and I see that invitation now as one of those steps that really helped me coming out of the cocoon, feeling seen, recognizing I have valuable things to share and allowed my work to come out more strongly to the public. The encounter with Tash and her proposal to share my story has been a cornerstone , as I started to feel somebody trusting and acknowledging my work in such powerful way….and as was saying before, storytelling is another medicine indeed and as Maya Angelou said: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”.

The other elements Colin mentions are prayer and creating sacred ritual. I just came back from the Summer Long Dance, where we danced, slept very little and had no food, prayed, created ceremony and sacred space, nourished our dreams and visions for a better future for 72 hours. We also raised more than £36.000 pounds for charities. I am still Fundraising Pachamama Alliance, an incredible organization that works in partnership with indigenous communities to protect their culture, the Forest and ultimately all Life on Earth. Please make your contribution if you can! Thank you! Furthermore, I have been lucky enough to bring  there with me my alter ego Luna the clown and she is has been presenting topics on no-nonsense composting, hand washing and hygiene, sneezing and coughing in public, thunder boxes and toilets protocols, fire safety, killing germs and nasty viruses and much more. Thank you very much to my teacher Ya`Acov Darling Khan for having invited her and for the supported received by the whole community and a very special deep thank you to Mark Boylan to trust me enough and having me in his team at the Long Dance despite he knew I didn`t have a clue about what to do (the trust this man gave me since the first time I met him -which it changed the perception I had of myself few years ago- is gonna be part of another article!).

Last but not least, Anna Jones and I created a series of workshops for women in London, to come together at the time of Full and New Moon: YogaDrum: Moon Circle for Women. These are born out of our need to share what it has been our life time research into the theme of feeling supported and out of our need to support each other and to create something together, both of us being aware of the sense of isolation ad separation that can grow in a big city as London. We created these events on the base of our own experience, exploration and journey as women and as holistic practitioners and movers, wanting to share these tools with other women, particularly in relationships with finding a deep felt sense of embodied support and being grounded, making friendship with our bodies and following their own innate intelligence.

More than ever in my life I feel deeply grateful for all the friends, teachers, students, human beings, who came and will come into my life path and helped me to explore more in depth who I am and my purpose…. any act of kindness I received made me kinder…any time I felt supported, I could recognized I wanted to support others,any time I felt seen I could feel also I have  a place in this world…every time I felt my pain was witnessed,I could heal from it……I don`t know who wrote this, it took me more than half an hour to find it as I really want to share it: “There is no such thing as a “self-made” man. We are made up of thousands of others. Everyone who has ever done a kind deed for us, or spoken one word of encouragement to us, has entered into the make-up of our character and of our thoughts, as well as our success”.

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