About Laura Valenti

Buongiorno, I’m Laura Valenti and I offer sound therapy in London through drumming classes and sound and voice workshops. My work also includes movement, meditation and visualization. I have collaborated with a wide range of groups, supporting women who were victims of domestic violence, adults with learning difficulties or in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. I work with men and women looking for their path to empowerment, awakening and transformation.

Laura Valenti


My life has taken many different turns and yet I see it has been one miraculous journey. I have a strong desire to share what I have learnt with others.

My professional background is in Law, Sociology of Migration and Human Rights, and in the past I have worked with women forced into prostitution, victims of domestic violence, refugees and asylum seekers.  

It is through my personal journey of transformation that I have been drawn to work with voice, sound, movement and drumming. Having experienced first-hand the powerful healing effects, I now share the synthesis of my learnings with you.

My own healing journey

One of the challenges I have faced has been to remain present in my body after being diagnosed with cancer. I partly rejected conventional treatment, holding the belief that my body had the natural ability to heal itself, and found that my experiments and study in the holistic field fully supported this belief.

Throughout this time I had direct experience of how being present in my body helped to ground me. Using a combination of movement, sound, voice work and drumming I created a bridge for self-transformation and found tools for achieving a healthier state and a spiritual life. I also came to realise the importance of community, friendship and inclusiveness, as many others also played a key role in my healing process.

It is from this very personal and transformative journey that I now wish to reach out and share the tools that I have discovered with others. In the course of my studies, I am fortunate to have learnt from many different teachers from around the world in both formal and informal settings.

Finding my authenticity – helping you to find yours

Finding my voice happened to me out of the blue. I was singing and playing with sounds when suddenly I heard a powerful voice that I had never heard before – it was me, and yet I didn’t know recognize it as myself. 

After this spontaneous revelation of my voice I made the choice not to learn any particular singing technique. My training and what I now share is different: it isn’t about learning to sing, it’s about the power of vowel sounds, toning, harmonics, sacred mantras and about trusting that anyone can sing and has a voice, even without any training! This creates a soundscape using texture and discovering layers of sound to invite  harmony, wellbeing, restore energy flow, and expand consciousness and awareness.

When I was very young and suffered from severe depression as a result of many life traumas, I realised that I was not inhabiting my body. This awareness led me to the insight that in order to be healthy I had to be in my body, so I started a journey that led me to explore many forms of movement (yoga, ecstatic dance, physical theatre) to develop new patterns and skills that I could then transfer into daily life.  

Beyond the technique of the voice and in conjunction with exploration of the body, I was able to explore who I was more and more.  In this creative and playful framework I was free to do things that I wouldn’t normally do.  I learned to be more comfortable in my skin and in myself, and the result was a discovering an empowered and authentic self.

In my classes and workshops I bring you a distillation of all that I have learned – and am continuing to learn – to help you to discover your own voice, your own uniqueness, your authenticity.

Finding my passion 

On this journey with my body and voice I have worked with various teachers and I have extracted the jewels that I use in my life. I honour and acknowledge my teachers for their guidance through the storms in life, in sharing with me their tools which are now an important part of my life. The support I received helped me find my passion and explore my gifts beyond technique and allowed me to discover what worked for me, trusting my own experience.

One of my first spiritual teachers was the singer Anique Radiant Heart, who introduced me to the importance of female spirituality and devotional chanting.

In the South of Italy, I learnt Italian Ecstatic Folk Dances from older members of the community and people who kept this tradition alive by simply dancing in the streets and in festivals. Learning from singer and drummer Alessandra Belloni, I deepened my relationship with Italian Ecstatic Folk Dances and also discovered how frame drums can be a tool of connection to women’s empowerment.  This also allowed me to experience unity, community, freedom and connection to the divine.

Because of my interest in working with groups and making a contribution in the community, I gained a diploma from the British Academy of Sound Therapy: Therapeutic Sound in the Community. My enquiry about the links between healing and performing and my passion for movement, art and creativity led me to train professionally in Physical Theatre at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) as well as in Circus Skills, Clowning and Folk Dance. I have performed both as an ensemble member and also as a soloist in Italy, Europe and the UK. In my ongoing spiritual journey I have studied Shamanism with Shaman UK, Engaged Buddhism with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn and I am interested in any practice that protects Life on Earth.

I am finishing my Practitioner Level Diploma in Holistic Voice Therapy which is about working with the voice, breath, movement, visualisation to help balance the energy systems in the body and to use the voice as a healing tool.  I am investigating my chosen research topic ‘The healing power of love: Holistic Voice Therapy and self-love, an exploratory study.’  I am also about to start a module in Mantra Therapy to learn how to use sacred mantras for therapeutic effects.

I am also attending the Life Vision School with Tracey Ash (a programme to awaken purpose, healing, consciousness) and am part of the  Apprenticeship Programme at the School of Movement Medicine with Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan.  My focus is to strengthen my vision as  a facilitator, to enhance my skills in safely holding the space for others, and making a difference in this time of revolution and change in the community. 

My work is influenced by 5 Rhythms, Movement Medicine, non violent communication, transpersonal psychology, and the Work by Katie Byron, and most of all by the love of those who have supported my journey with love and humour. 

What I offer you

I gained a versatile experience in a range of fields, travelling and working as Italian teacher, drama facilitator and as a lawyer in human rights working with trafficked women. Following on from this, as a physical theatre performer and esctatic dancer I gained a deep understanding of the body and of channelling creativity with the body. This eclectic experience has enabled me to take a very lateral and holistic perspective to my work.

I bring together my range of skills to work with people in a creative space with the aim of being fun, supportive, non-judgmental and inspiring, engaging both an academic background and a practical background top work within the community to guide and support others to fulfil potential and well-being. In my work I can act as a facilitating agent for change for the client within the framework of healing arts.

My objective is to create a safe space where people feel seen, valued, included and witnessed and to draw upon scientific research in working within the field of holistic healing arts. I am an inspiring and creative individual who has been on a transformative journey and feel equipped to work with others in this field as a practitioner. I have worked with social workers, Counseling and psychotherapists, coaches in consultation to inform them about my practice and to create plans and actions to aid work with various client group.

Professional Membership

I am a member of the Sound Therapy Association (STA), the Institute for Complementary Medicine (ICNM) and British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP).

I am part of the London Drum Circle, which is a network of musicians promoting rhythms based events. 

Thank you for taking the time to connect with me here in the now.

I look forward to meeting you. Until then may health and blessings be with you.

Laura Valenti 

“I have become my own version of an optimist. If I can’t make it through a door, I’ll go through another door or I will make another door. Something terrific will come, no matter how dark the present.”


Rabindranath Tagore