Drum Circle in London

A quest for creative self expression, healing and spiritual empowerment

The weekly drum circle and Bimonthly Full Moon & New Moon is an opportunity to come together, feel grounded and connected at the same time.  We drum together to explore rhythm and patterns of constriction and release, let go, have fun. Within this holding space, we create a safe, transformative and nurturing environment where we can play with new skills. 

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Weekly drumming circle & workshops in London

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Why come to a drumming circle?

In society we have the tendency not to inhabit our bodies. To create alignment between the mind, heart and spirit we must inhabit the body. Drumming is a fundamental way to get back into our bodies, connect with our heart and connect with the group.

These are some of the benefits you will feel by being part of the drumming group experience:

  • Self-exploration 
  • Transformation 
  •  Shift and transform limiting beliefs
  •  Feel empowered
  •  Feel energised and invigorated
  •  Connect to self and others in a healthy way
  •  Develop a relationship with your body
  •  Feel good in your body
  •  Sense of togetherness and inclusion
  •  Come somewhere you feel a sense of belonging
  •  Be included as you are without judgement
  •  A space to come and chill
  • Expand consciousness
  • Experience unity with All That Is
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Balance right and left hemispheres of the brain

“Sound will be the medicine of the future” Edgar Cayce

Drumming classes in London

The drumming circle is an opportunity to learn how to get back into community, to experience support, inclusiveness and transformation and to heal the sense of separation and isolation that we sometimes feel in challenging moments, so that we return as empowered beings, relating from a place of wholeness and inner connection to our true nature.

This is therapeutic drumming. The practice brings us back into connection with our heart, and thus promotes wellbeing and transformation.

The rhythm of the drum will support our journey into this powerful creative process and it will be the medicine tool that shows us the beauty of coming together as a group and how we can carry that delightful experience back within us to share with our community.

Structure of a drumming class

  • Sessions are based on the use of rhythm, voice, and movement to improve health, harmony and well-being.
  • Each class offers the exploration of a particular theme. Participants are invited to bring their own ideas and to be part of the creative process. No musical experience is required, only the willingness to be open, to explore and to have fun.
  • The structure of the class is tailored according to the theme of the session and the ideas, challenges and insights that participants bring to the space.
  • The class is not about how to play the drum, but about rediscovering the connection between the rhythms of the drum, our body/heart/mind/spirit relationship and how to take this understanding of this relationship into our daily life.
  • We use frame drums (Native American Style) and other percussive instruments to release blockages and support energy flow in the body.
  • The sessions include gentle movement exercises, meditation and visualization. We explore vocal techniques, and the holistic application of sacred chants and mantras. These activities enable us to explore how to enhance our communication skills, transform what we no longer need and express our feelings in a more authentic and creative way.
  • The sessions provide a space for deep relaxation, inner peace and facilitate the release of stress, inspiring us to look at our life from a place of clarity.
  • Instruments are provided

N.B. A drum circle is sometimes perceived as a jamming session, but that’s not the whole picture. My intention in facilitating the drumming session is to promote community, self-development and transformation amongst the group. We are reminded that we can have a deep experience and not take ourselves too seriously at the same time.    

How will the classes help me in my daily life?

When you come to the drumming circle you are invited to bring your own ideas, uniqueness and areas that you are working with in your daily life. You will have the possibility to explore your potential, gifts and talents, discover your gold, all that you need to maximise, expand and it hasn’t come fully into the light yet.

You will have the opportunity to play with your own narrative and to discover your holding patterns and limiting beliefs – so that you can shift and transform in playful way.

This takes place in a safe, creative, held space in such a way that you can play with your elements in the space and create a new experience in a playful and light way. The repetition of the new pattern within the drumming circle allows you to integrate it so you can translate the skill and apply it in your daily life.

I see the drumming circle as a playground where you can play, expanding and stretching your comfort zone. The space offers you a playful rehearsal of a new way of being before you take yourself back into the more challenging context of life outside.

Weekly Drumming Circle

Fridays, 6 – 7pm

£10 / £8 concessions. Discount available if more sessions are booked in advance.


Jackson’s Lane
269a Archway Road
London N6 5AA 

Contact Laura

Please contact me with any queries on 07531 813 322 or email laura@harmonicinspiration.com

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