Bimonthly Full Moon and New Moon Drum Circle for Women

A sacred space for awakening the feminine creative spirit

This is an evening to celebrate connection to body, heart, Spirit, Moon’s cycles, unity, sisterhood, empowerment and the Sacredness of All Life.

Monthly full moon & new moon drum circle for women, Harmonic Inspiration with Laura Valenti, London

We use frame drums. These instruments were used in ancient times by women to celebrate Spirit, Nature, Life, connection and sisterhood. We come together to remember.

We also use gentle movements to awaken our bodies, the Divine Feminine within us, to listen to our inner wisdom and we use our voices to connect to sacred chants and our truth.

“It was awesome! It inspired me and has been with me ever since!”
Nicola Jane Wingate 

This event is created to bring women together at the time of Full and New Moon:

  • Come, play and explore your relationship to the Moon’s cycles
  • Connect to the rhythm of your body and of the drum
  • Maximize your strength as a woman
  • Focus on your dreams and visions
  • Honour your talents and gifts
  • Show up as you are and bring your uniqueness and share with other women
  • Be part of a women’s community
  • Allow yourself to feel the support and seek collaboration and co-creation

You will:

  • Expand your sense of well-being
  • Feel nurtured, empowered and energized
  • Relax into who you are
  • Experience the power of being interconnected, included, witnessed in the circle
  • Trust your insights, experience, intuition and wisdom
  • Strengthen the vision of how you want to make a change for yourself and others
  • Explore what it means for you to embody, express and embrace the Divine Feminine
  • Use body, movement, voice to widen your range of expression

Come and join us! No musical experience is required and instruments are provided. If you have a drum feel free to bring it.

Mums: children are welcome! Please contact me to talk about it!

“I was so excited to share a feminine approach to self and space renewal on International Women’s Day… Lovely connection made at this gorgeous full moon in Virgo, blessing us with her moonlight. We were invited to release all that dims our light, all that holds us back in the space of our heart and physical environment.


I think Laura is a fantastic facilitator and I am very inspired by the space she holds… it is helping me to find my voice and rhythm and build esteem and confidence… I can’t say I don’t have them because I teach yoga classes, but I was coming from a place where I wasn’t validating any of it or my talents and self and now it’s slowly returning. The women’s circle is one of the places I feel most safe to explore who I am. Thank you dear Laura Valenti for holding the space”. 


Andrea Tteja, Yoga teacher at Infin8space

Bimonthly Full Moon & New Moon Drum Circle

See Events Calendar for dates on/near the full moon and new moon.
£15 / £13 concessions. Discount available if more sessions are booked in advance.


Oxford House
Derbyshire Street 
London E2 6HG

Contact Laura

Please contact me with any queries on 07531 813 322 or email

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