Dancing with the Heart of the World in London-School of Movement Medicine

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 I am very happy to share on this page some words from my beloved teacher Susannah Darling Khan and my dear friend Alex Hanly.
Those of you who know me and are familiar with my work may have heard often of the School of Movement Medicine. I am an apprentice with the School and next week, for the first time, I will be assisting in a workshop. I am very excited and I look forward to meeting you on the dance-floor. I cant`t recommend this workshop highly enough, particularly if you are working with your heart`s wisdom and intelligence, you want to look at the big picture and at what is going on globally. I feel deeply moved in having this opportunity to witness other people`s journey, as I remember very well mine, when 3 years ago I danced with the Heart of the World, feeling my heart opening, few weeks before I was diagnosed with cancer.  With love and gratitude, Laura
The upcoming workshop in London ‘Dancing with the Heart of the World’ 9 -11th Nov 2012, is a great, catalytic, potent treasure I would like to share with you. If you already know you are coming, sing “halleluliah!” and clear the decks for a strong weekend that may well change your life and awaken you to new dawns, directions and horizons.
If you have not yet decided, I want to tell you a bit more about it. The Pachamama Alliance have been working on creating the symposium for many years and it, in its present form, is a profound support and wake up call to our individual and collective human evolution. Woven into it is the intelligence of many inspirational teachers such as Joanna Macey and cosmologist Brian Swimm. Desmond Tutu is one of the many stars of whose light I find inspiring every time I do it.
When I first met the symposium several years ago, I felt that is was perfect match with Movement Medicine, both dedicated to the same journey of awakening, and bringing with different, complementary skills, knowledge and methodology. Since then we’ve worked for several years with how to bring them together, and I have to say, it rocks!
So, Dancing with the Heart of the World brings together the way Movement Medicine brings us into right brain, body-heart-soul essence, opening us to intuitive leaps and inspired arisings, whilst the symposium supports us to open to the challenges and possibilities of these times.
If you have any wish, as I’m sure you do, for your life to be a positive contribution to these times we live in, I could not commend it to you more.  
Please also see below the letter from Alex Hanly, the Movement Medicine organiser for this event
With love and respect,
Susannah Darling Khan
From Alex Hanly
I am overjoyed to be organising this opportunity to Dance your Heart, with the Heart of the World in the Heart of London. 
I participated in this E-motion workshop about 2 years ago in Sheffield and i was simply astounded. As for the first time in my life, when acknowledging the mess our world was/is in – environmentally, politically and spiritually, instead of feeling over privileged, selfish, terrible and helpless, I felt Abel, Aware, Full, Active and Empowered by my hearts capacity for Love. the whole groups response came from a deep place of Life Love, not Fear!
To witness how everyone`s heart called for the same changes and cried for the same pain was touching, magical and emotionally empowering for all! I felt so close to everyone in that room and came away with some incredible friends and an urge to manifest my experience into my wider life. Also i wished everyone could come and have such and experience.
So here’s a huge open armed and open hearted invitation to Dance your Heart, with the Heart of the world, in the Heart of London.
If you feel like me you want to invite others then we want to make that easy for you
If you introduce a friend who has not danced with us before then you both save £25 
Bring a friend £110 each
Full Price £135 
Deposit: £60 non-returnable
Or cheques to 28 dawlish rd leyton London e10 6qd
I look forward to hearing from you 
love and peace

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