Free Open Day at Jacksons Lane: Drum Circle with Children

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Free Open Day at Jacksons Lane: Drum Circle with Children

I am very lucky to be a tutor at Jacksons Lane Theatre since last January, as I feel I am part of a very vibrant and creative space. At the beginning of September we had a Free Open Day for the local community. When Stuart Cox, the Participation Manager of the theatre asked me if I was interested in running a drum circle for the day I said that I was very happy to do it. 

The open day has been a unique opportunity to explore the building and everything it has to offer, as well as discovering the many ways people can become involved.

With four hours of theatre, circus, live music, workshops, backstage adventures and free tea and cake compliments of Jacksons Lane Cafe Theadro, this was to a great day out for the whole family and a fantastic chance to try something new. What’s more, it was completely free.

Once I arrived in the theatre to prepare my drums, I realized that there were many families and a lot of children. I started to feel a bit uncomfortable, as I don`t work generally with children. Few minutes before my short demonstration would begin, I asked a friend what I could do and we both agreed it would have been sensible to invite adults on the stage, emphasizing that the drumming circle is a class for adults. As soon as I made this announcement, the stage was full of kids! All  I could do, it was to drum with them and have fun!

Once the kids had a drum or another percussive instrument, I noticed that they were very fast in picking up what I was doing, to the point that they were able to do things and create/copy rhythms without me giving any instruction (usually, with adults, in order to achieve the same result I need to divide the same process into 3 steps!) Since a friend of mine, Killian Strong, was drumming with me, we could even create a more complex rhythms and the kids were really engaged, enjoying also the possibility to stamp their feet, move their bodies and make sounds.

So, after all, it was an incredible and unexpected experience and I enjoyed a lot. The kids had a very good time too, so Stuart and I discussed the possibility of running a class for kids and families from January. I will keep you posted!

Drumming is an excellent way for children to improve self-awareness, coordination of breath and movement, listening skills.

Thank you very much Ludovic des Cogrets and Jacksons Lane for the beautiful picture above.

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