Holistic Voice Therapy

One to one therapy to find your voice, your creativity and freedom of expression

Would you like to find your voice?

Would you like to find your creativity and freedom of expression?

Would you like to have practical tools to find greater self-love and acceptance?

Holistic Voice Therapy can support your journey.

Holistic Voice Therapy is based on the inseparability of body-heart-mind-spirit. It is a complementary practice that offers the use of voice as a healing tool. This treatment modality uses voice, breath, gentle movement techniques and visualization to help move energy imbalances through the body. It allows for physical, emotional, mental imbalances to re-balance and an optimum state of well-being to be achieved.

 Holistic Voice Therapy works very well with people who are looking for:

freedom of expression and creativity

greater self-love and compassion

speaking from the heart

deeper connection to the body

releasing emotional and mental blockages

improving physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health

shifting negative beliefs

balance and well-being





overcoming fear of public speaking

I am a qualified Holistic Voice Therapy Practitioner. This is a Professional practitioner status encompassing a range of holistic approaches which draws upon counselling, coaching and advocacy models.

Holistic Voice Therapy and self-love

Laura Valenti, Harmonic InspirationMy work and research in the last months have been focusing greatly on self-love and my research project is titled: “The healing power of love: Holistic Voice Therapy and self-love, an exploratory study”. Holistic Voice Therapy offers valuable tools to find greater self-love and self-acceptance in individuals’ lives.

During the sessions you will able to connect deeply with your heart`s intelligence and explore self-love as a healing force, as a channel for positive change and for expanding awareness. Self-love is empowering and can be a catalyst for greater creativity, pleasure, joy and fulfillment. The sessions will allow you to find greater self-love, self-compassion, deep insights, and understanding of your own processes.

A Holistic Voice session

Holistic Voice Therapy is based on:

  • non–directivity
  • client led approach
  • client centeredness

These are synonymous with each other and indicate the idea that the client has a deep understanding of their own process and how it should be approached. This concept arises from Carl Rogers’ therapeutic approach.

The treatments can be passive, composite, active. The treatment is passive when the client only receives the sound (toning, harmonics or overtones). It is active when the client is engaged with Vocal processing techniques (VPTs). It is composite when there is a combination of both.

Toning and Harmonics (or overtones)

Toning is the use of a single tone and vowels to resonate, massage and balancing the chakras. Nowadays research suggests that toning has a neuro-chemical effect on the brain, increases the function of the immune system, lowers blood pressure, relaxes and stimulates. Schweitzer’s experiment at the Max Planck Institute is quite well known. He tested patients’ blood samples before and after singing the sound OHM. After toning, the blood was clearer, brighter and all toxic grey waste matter had been cleared from the blood cells to outside cells walls.

Harmonics, or overtones, are a phenomenon related to sound that occurs whenever sound is created. All sounds that are created are never single tones, but a mixture and combination of many pure tone frequencies or harmonics. Harmonics are mathematical multiples of a fundamental tone: for example if the fundamental is 100 HTZ (cycles per seconds), the first overtone vibrates at 200 HTZ, the next at 300 and so on. They are responsible both for the timbre of different musical instruments (which otherwise would have the same sound or timber) and for the unique sound of our voices. According to many researchers such as Jonathan Goldman and Alfred Tomatis, from a scientific and physiological point of view, harmonics are frequencies that affect the nervous system, the brain and have a positive impact on individuals` health and well-being.

 The Voice

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. John 1:1 

Throughout most of the world, the voice has been used to celebrate, to achieve higher states of consciousness, to connect to the Divine. There has been a common belief in the healing capacity of sound and of the human voice.

Many pioneers in the field of sound healing have expressed the belief that the voice has a tremendous ability to be an instrument for healing, nourishing and balancing the energies that generate wholeness. There is the belief that the voice facilitates the integration of body, mind, heart and spirit.

The voice is a bridge between inner feelings and the outer world. Through the voice people communicate who they are and share their feelings. The voice is the musical instrument that makes each person unique, belonging only to that human being, it resonates with everything that a human being Is in a particular moment… All these elements combine in the innately therapeutic and powerful field of voice work.


Laura Valenti – Holistic Voice Practitioner

I am a member of the British Academy of Sound Therapy, the Sound Therapy Association, the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine and British Register of Complementary Therapists.

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