Short Bio: Laura Valenti, Sound Therapist.

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I am very pleased to share this article, which it has been written about me by Ipek Ozerim, a cultural event manager. This short bio it has been written to present Kush, a fantastic project created by Melisa Yavas, designed to support women to blossom. I will be part of the workshop “Acceptance” offering sound therapy, Tuesday 26th of March 2013.


Laura Valenti is a qualified sound therapist helping those on “a path to empowerment, awakening and transformation”. Formerly an Italian teacher, drama facilitator and a lawyer in human rights working with trafficked women, Laura’s personal trauma of cancer brought about her own transformation. She partly rejected conventional treatment, holding the belief that her body had the natural ability to heal itself, which was born out through her own experience and study in the holistic field.

Through physical theatre performance and ecstatic dance, she gained a deep understanding of the body and of channelling creativity within it. Using a combination of movement, sound, voice work and drumming, she created a bridge for self-transformation and found tools for achieving a healthier state and a spiritual life. She attached greater importance to community, friendship and inclusiveness, which all played a key role in her healing process.

Laura has developed her holistic healing skills and knowledge through training and study under leading practitioners in Britain and Italy. She works alongside social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists, and life coaches, and collaborates with a wide range of community groups, including those supporting female victims of domestic violence, and adults with learning
difficulties or in drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

She is a member of the Sound Therapy Association (STA), the Institute for Complementary Medicine (ICNM), the British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP) and the London Drum Circle.

Laura runs regular drumming classes, and sound and voice workshops, which can also incorporate movement meditation and visualisation.

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