Team Building Drumming

Welcome to team building drumming in London!

Team building drumming allows people to cooperate to find a deeper way of expressing themselves and communicating with each other. It provides tools for solving conflicts.

Team building drumming stimulates a synergistic force amongst the team.

Team building Drumming is beneficial because it

  • promotes focus
  • creative thinking
  • enhances team spirit
  • strengthens the bond between the team
  • builds trust and a sense of unity between participants

Other Benefits of Drumming

Modern research shows that drumming stimulates relaxationlowers blood pressure, and reduces stress, fatigue and anxiety.

Research proves that drumming stimulates the production of endorphins (the endogenous morphine-like substance originated within the body that produces pleasure and prevent nerve cells from releasing more pain signal) therefore it stimulates positive thinking and a deep sense of well-being.

Research also indicates that drumming boosts the immune system and synchronizes the two cerebral hemispheres. When the analytical left hemisphere and the intuitive right hemisphere work in harmony, greater wisdom, creativity, intelligence, balance can be achieved.

 Team building drumming with Laura Valenti, Harmonic Inspiration

Contact me to arrange a drumming event for your team

Consider including a drumming event in your corporate team building calendar to promote a happier and more connected working relationship amongst your staff.

Musical experience is not required and instruments are provided.

Please contact me arrange a corporate event for your team, whether you’re part of a company, charity or NGO. We will discuss your outcome and make a plan to suit your requirements. 


These are testimonials from one team’s experience of a corporate drumming event in London, arranged by Harmonic Inspiration for Greenwich Mind: 

“Not knowing how this workshop would possibly be delivered I found it informative, relaxing and very good for engaging the team. 


  • Learning of old history and why this method of communication was used
  • The impact it had to people’s self-expression
  • How the affects it had on people were seen by others in positions of authority and the subsequent control of the use of this form of communication
  • Developing knowledge of how sound and vibration has an effect on our mood and behaviour
  • How through the drumming techniques people can come together to share and express their emotional feelings


  • Using the techniques through rhythm and beat (tempo) allowed people to explore their inner self
  • Group participation enabled the group to engage with others
  • Individual team members were able to express themselves through movement
  • Responses by team members to how they felt was adequately answered by the facilitator in a way that team members were able to relate to their professional practice

Engaging the Team

  • Never been involved in a workshop like this before, this workshop allowed differentiation through rhythm, beat and vibration to take over from the verbal word that can sometimes create an uncomfortable surrounding
  • The facilitator simplified the work shop through easy-to-understand communication
  • Reflecting on the workshop I explored things I have read about associated with rhythm and vibration and its power to have an influence the inner feelings of self
  • Through my own love of music and cultural history of communicating through drum beat this was my first practical experience and learning of its effects

Overall I found the work shop was delivered in a simplified relaxing way. Through facilitated methods and responses that were not intrusive allowed individuals to vocally communicate and share their feelings. The facilitator gave very good informed feedback of possible inner spiritual feelings people expressed. The outcome through learning allowed me to reflect on feelings through music rhythm and vibration I have always felt and discussed with others of how through rhythm, beat and vibration they can change their mood and behaviour to a more calmer or upbeat pace.

Thank you very much Laura for facilitating an enjoyable and informative workshop”.

Elroy, Greenwich Mind


“I really enjoyed the drumming session today. I found it really relaxing and overall a fun experience. What a great way to start the day!”

Many thanks!



“Just to say really enjoyed the session and felt it could have a real place alongside our therapies. It was very interesting to see how our responses to the drumming rhythms reflected other aspects of our lives. Very well facilitated.”



“Hi, I though the drumming session was presented very professionally and without realising it required both focus and attention to be fully aware of the actions of self and others. I think that it has the potential help clients who suffer from psychosis, stress, obsessive and compulsive thoughts and depression. Taking their focus away from their negative thinking and into a far deeper awareness of the president and the physical. Its mindfulness with rhythm and I think it may have the potential to be a really life affirming form of therapy that could be user at all levels of illness.”