Testimonials for Harmonic Inspiration and Laura Valenti

“Laura Valenti is an exceptional performer, healer, friend, and human being. I believe anyone that works with her will easily and quickly recognize the light and beauty that emanates from her. She is warm, kind, and embracing, and I highly encourage those seeking of her gifts and talents to begin the journey working with her.


I met Laura at a time of great transition and view our crossing paths as a gift. I had long been searching for a spiritual guide, and know without a doubt she came into my life at exactly the moment I needed to meet her.


Laura and I have worked together in both creative and healing capacities. She has been a mentor and guide through moments of deep uncertainty. The healing work we have done together included sound and voice workshops, mystic guidance and counseling, and deep conversation. On her recommendation I began exploring books and aids via oracle cards, tarot, and alternative healing practices. In her I have found a non-judgmental and safe space where I have felt able to tap into parts of myself that had been dormant and hidden. And above all, I have always felt loved and in the company of an old friend: from the day we met. 


I truly agree with those that say we already have the things we are searching for within ourselves – that the answers we are searching for already live within. Yet, painfully and ironically, the process of uncovering what we already know is not an easy one. We all need markers along the journey to help us see our way – sometimes those markers come in the form of events, at other times they are individuals, and many signs come in non-descript forms that defy our ability to anticipate them. In my life, Laura has been an event, an individual, and a sign that defies language: my experience of working with and coming to Laura has undoubtedly been nothing short of magic.”


Danielle Lee Williams, activist for peace, writer, performer


“The Sound Bath: an extraordinary journey, from relaxing and uplifting serenity to energetic and vibrant rhythm. Fabulous!”


Annabel Faraday, ceramist


“To describe Laura Valenti is to try and describe mother earth. She brings us together through her incredible abilities and gifts as a chanter, drummer, clown or coach.


We all feel included and individually acknowledged, we are fall safe and happy to stand on the edge of the unknown and to ‘let go’ of the past.


Laura is creative, compassionate, caring and challenging. She is in the top 10% of her profession and yet is humble enough to hide in the shadows as lesser, shyer ones amongst us, emerge in the dappled sunlight of new beginnings.


I am an African, and we bestowed a name on Laura – an Africa name “Simunye” – it means ‘we are one’


I would not hesitate to travel across the continents ‘again’ to work with Laura, and the very least I can do is to recommend her to the world, for she is mother earth….”


Jacques Marais, Founder of Qabimbola Schools at Qabimbola


“Laura brings an exuberant energy to her work and is exciting, motivating and inspiring to watch. She has a natural ease and flair and brings joy and vitality to life owning and exploring her very being.”


Anne Duffy, office manager


“Here at City Roads, the environment is often chaotic and stressful. Activities that can bring about focus and calm are highly sought after.


Laura’s presence, her passion, knowledge and ability to interact with clients is precious.


We have been lucky enough to experience her drumming circles where an hour’s session flies by and clients who have previously struggled to sit still or apply themselves really do let go and lose themselves in the therapy.


Everyone lets go of inhibition, relaxes, has fun, laughs and sometimes there is momentary sadness but always reflection… and always, great enjoyment and energy.


She is a master of her work, believes in its power with a passion, and this is evident when you see her in action.”


Rebecca Mistry, City Roads -Therapeutic Centre for people in alcohol and drugs rehabilitation


 The two relaxing Sound Baths and four sessions of drumming that Laura facilitated for the women of Opening Doors London were terrific. In these sessions she created a safe, creative space for personal and group expression that were thoroughly enjoyed by the group. We hope to be able to work with Laura again in the future – thanks for everything.


Opening Doors London Women’s group