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Welcome to my work with sound, movement and voice.  I invite you to connect to your body, heart and Spirit through drumming circles and sound therapy workshops in London. I believe this is a moment in time when we need to come together and collaborate in a creative way.

Welcome to Harmonic Inspiration with Laura Valenti

My vision

This is a moment in time in which we need to re-connect with each other in a genuine and authentic way, as it is only within that togetherness that we can really grow, express our fullest potential and find our unique talents. We need to collaborate, to find new and imaginative solutions for the challenges of our contemporary society; to come together to make a difference for future generations and for the planet.

We need to co-create spaces where we can support and hold each other gently, be who we truly are, while simultaneously re-connecting with our roots to find deeper purpose in life.

These are the values and beliefs that guide me in my work and I invite you to connect with me and experience the power of movement, sound and voice, attending workshops and group sessions. 

Harmonic Inspiration

To find out more about classes and workshops in London please follow the links.  For any queries and to book please contact me, Laura Valenti.

What is sound therapy?

Sound therapy aims to restore physical, mental, emotional, spiritual balance through the therapeutic use of sound.


Everything in nature is in a state of vibration and sound can be understood as vibration. Every organ, bone and tissue has its own frequency or resonant frequency (which is the frequency at which that element most naturally vibrates or resonates, whether we perceive it or not) and together they make a symphony.

When an organ or part of the body is healthy, it creates a natural frequency which is harmonious with the rest of the body. However, if there are health challenges, imbalances, stress or negatively charged thoughts, some parts of the body may not be vibrating in harmony; therefore, sound can be introduced to restore harmonic patterns and healthful vibrations.

This is possible through resonance, because the vibration of one vibrating body can reach out and put another body into motion (for example if there are two tuning forks tuned to the same note close to each other and only one is struck, the other will begin vibrating). In other words, cells, organs, tissues that are resonating “out of tune” on a vibratory level, when exposed to their natural frequency are stimulated to vibrate at this frequency once more through resonance.

The rhythms of the body can be affected by sound through the principle of entrainment, which is defined as the tendency of two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony (for example pendulums which start swinging at different rates would eventually end up syncronizing). Because of this principle, the most dominant frequency entrains the others.

In sound therapy, entrainment has the potential to transform negativity into positivity, enhance feelings of love and well-being and the sound frequencies can  also entrain the heartbeat and the brainwaves to slow down and allow the body to heal. 


Movement adds a dynamic element to the work. Sometimes feelings and thoughts are held in parts of the body, so by moving the body we allow them to flow and to be released. Also, because we live in a society that dismisses the body, by adding this physical dimension to my classes and workshops I encourage participants to find another vocabulary, to become sensitive to the signals and information that the body is sending. This enables you to be in tune with your body and the environment around you, as the body act as a big antenna which is responding constantly to stimulation. Therefore, the more we are connected to our body, the more we can own and take responsibility for our feelings and really listen to ourselves.

Allowing the body to move in new ways brings about the possibility of finding a new language. To be in the body can be very liberating, allowing free expression of feelings and emotions and being more present. It adds a strong creative component, which I introduce based on my experience and training in physical theatre, and can allow people to discover more about themselves.


The voice is the musical instrument that belong to each human being and it carries an energetic signature. The voice tells us a lot about our emotional state. It is the bridge between the inner and outer world and is the tool we use to express who we are, our ideas, uniqueness, values and feelings. To find our voice therefore also has a symbolic meaning and enhances the possibility of speaking our truth.

Current scientific research shows how toning, overtoning and chanting also have positive effects on the immune system, clear the blood, energize the nervous system and support health.

For instance, researchers examined patients’ blood samples before and after singing the sound ‘OHM’. After toning, the blood was clearer and brighter and all toxic grey waste matter had been cleared from the blood cells to outside the cell walls.

It is a shared experience for many that chanting together can be very empowering and stimulates feelings of empathy, serenity, unity and belonging.

Drumming, Drums, Gongs & Singing Bowls

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“Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.”