Workshop: “Menstrual workshop”- a day long retreat

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I am very excited about this workshop organized by my friend Alex Hanly, who is an amazing yoga teacher and dancer. She invited me to be part of this beautiful day for women and lead a sound bath.

This day long retreat is for women who suffers from menstrual problems, who are interested in women`s health and are looking to address imbalances in a way that includes body`s wisdom, emotions and spiritual growth.

If you suffer from menstrual problems, your symptoms could be speaking to you of an unrealised imbalance in your life. 

Your menstrual problems are a powerful way for your body to communicate unrealised imbalances and strengths. Often you lack the patience, skills and the self-kindness needed to listen to your true self and body. This workshop can give you an insight into and a practical plan for easing menstrual problems and healing deeper imbalance that maybe causing your symptoms.

The workshop will involve guided Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, finishing with Soundbath, which is a relaxing treatment that will further help to release physical or emotional tension.

Through these methods you will explore menstrual cycle and get clear insight into your strengths and negative patterns, and the steps you need to take to transform what most needs your attention. 

Join us for a day that is both spiritual and immensely practical. The answers you seek for wellness are already in your own body; we simply give you a language and permission to trust your body’s natural intelligence, to achieve a greater physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Cost: £50 – Early birds special: Book before 1st October 2012 and get a 10% off voucher (£5)* to use for any class, course or workshop at Yoga Creation. (*valid until 31 Dec. 2012)

Date: Saturday, 13 October 2012 / Time: 12-3pm lunch break 4-7pm

Yoga practice guided by Alex Hanly / Sound bath lead by Laura Valenti 

Open to yoga practitioners of all levels.

For bookings:

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