an interactive workshop exploring sound and narrative

The Soundscape is an interactive and creative workshop based on the exploration of sound and narratives.

Soundscape workshop with Laura Valenti, Harmonic Inspiration

Benefits of the Soundscape workshop

In this workshop you will

  • Experience how the sound affects all your levels of being
  • Collaborate and devise a piece of art with other people
  • Find your place and voice in a group 

How does the Soundscape workshop unfold?

Participants are first invited to explore the many layers and textures of sounds through playing with different objects

What sound does a small pebble make?
Is it possible to stroke a drum with a feather?
What is the acoustic effect of the water moving in different containers?
And what images and connections do these sounds provoke in you?

As you can see, there are infinite possibilities, it is up to you to open your imagination and let go of inhibitions.

Afterwards you are invited to play with all the instruments I provide, using them also in a symbolic way

Is the power of the gong going to re-create a thunder or a storm?
Will the rain-stick remind you of the softest drop of rain on your face?

In the next stage of the workshop participants start collaborating in groups using the sounds you have discovered to transpose stories, images and feelings.

The value of the workshop is in the creative and artistic result (participants are going to create a landscape of sounds) but most of all in the devising and collaborative process amongst the participants. If the group is large, participants will be divided in two groups and will show each other their creation.

With the Soundscape it is possible to tell the story of a continent, of a migrant family or to give voice to a painting.  There is no separation between your senses and your entire being is involved in this creation and exploration.  Art, healing and creation are restored as something whole.

I provide several kinds of instruments: drums, Himalayan bowls, crystal singing bowls, percussions, Gongs. Participant are free to choose their own theme of exploration.

Who is Soundscape for?

This workshop is a great tool for groups or communities wanting to explore a particular narrative or challenge. For instance, the exploration through sound can create the journey to move from:

  • fear into love
  • anger into positivity
  • powerlessness into decision making and responsibility
  • conflict into peace and harmony.

Therefore, despite the fact that new state of being or consciousness is not entirely cemented in the reality of that group or community, the creative work with sound offers a first experience, framework and anchor for that reality to become grounded and experienced also in daily life.

This workshop is particularly useful for groups and communities working with communication, conflicts, emotional, inter-cultural/inter-faith and health challenges. It promotes creative thinking, collaboration, self-confidence, assertiveness, decision making, focused solutions and cooperation skills. It is also a beautiful tool for performers, actors, artists wanting to deepen their relationship to rhythm and sound and to all those who want to explore their creative potential.

“Life is a symphony, and the action of every person in this life is the playing of his particular part in the music.”


Hazrat Inayat Khan, Mysticism of Sound 

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