The Hero’s Journey

from the Underworld to the Light: a creative exploration through sound, movement and voice

A workshop to discover your creative potential, unique gifts, all that hasn’t come fully to life and to release what no longer serves you. This workshop uses sound, movement and voice to explore the shadow and those qualities that we dismiss normally in daily life.

The Hero's Journey, a sound workshop with Laura Valenti of Harmonic Inspiration

The Underworld

In ancient societies there were rituals and ceremonies to acknowledge and honor the Underworld. Nowadays we have lost contact with the healing potential of crisis, with the hidden corners of our consciousness, with the possibility of celebrating them in a creative way as a part of our journey and spiritual growth. We often dismiss what we judge as dark as something ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ and in challenging moments we would rather not look at it… but when we need to come back to wholeness and unity these limiting concepts do not serve us.

We are made of many layers and emotions and we carry within us all the potential of creation. When the Soul is challenged and stretched in all directions, it re-finds its path towards the Light and finds new ways to expand. These moments of darkness offer awakening and transformation and when everything seems to be lost, help and support may arrive in the most unexpected ways and synchronicities start occurring.

The Gold in the Shadow

We will also explore the idea that our shadow may represent our hidden positive qualities: are we living our fullest potential? Are we following our dreams? How do we bring to light our imagination, playfulness and creative potential? What is it that we haven’t completely integrated and embraced in our life? Have you ever written that song, that poem, said those words that stuck in your throat, shouted loudly at creation for its beauty, danced as if nobody was watching, expressed appreciation to your neighbour, smiled at a stranger, rolled on the floor with a puppy? Is there room for the archetypes of the Trickster and the Fool, as child-like symbols, always fresh, full of awe and wonder, living in the present moment without fear of judgement?

The Hero’s Journey workshop

In this workshop we use many instruments including drums, Himalayan singing bowls, Crystal singing bowls and Gongs to create a soundscape and  transpose our stories and our inner journeys into sound. The sound will be the creative, alchemical and sacred tool that will allows us to discover profound materials and insights with great lightness and playfulness, to descend in challenging corners and to transcend them.  We will create a journey where the sound will show us what is unconscious, what needs to be integrated, unravelled and revealed; we ground and anchor the experience through the stories that we will share. We use sound, movement, voice work to express, explore, give them fluidity and breath and let go of emotions that often are not given an expression. We use the wisdom of the body to play, to surprise ourselves, to embody feelings and transform them in an empowering way. Deep down inside, we have all experienced aspects of the hero’s journey.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Play with polarities and opposites, to see which energies you need to expand and which you need to release within the frame of unity consciousness, so that you are not fighting or pushing against yourself
  • Allow yourself to resonate with your body, with sound and to tune in with your internal landscape
  • Experience support, collaboration with others and creative thinking
  • Put in motion a creative energy that will create a sense of knowing
  • Use playfulness, imagination and the tools offered by sound, movement and voice to express feelings and beliefs that need a space and to be embraced to make you feel whole
  • Get out of your head and into your body, experience energy in motion, be playful around ‘taboos’, secrets and unspoken words and negatively charged emotions 
  • Allow energy to flow freely at all levels of your being

  Musical experience is not required, instruments are provided. 

“[…] My boy, wherever you are,

Work for your soul’s sake,

That all the clay of you, all of the dross of you,

May yield to the fire of you,

Till the fire is nothing but light!…

Nothing but light!”


Edgar Lee Masters, Spoon River Anthology


Venue & Dates

Sunday 15 July 2012, 10.30am – 4.30pm

Moving Arts Base  Google Map
134 Liverpool Road
London N1 1LA


£45 early bird if paid before 1st of July
£60 full price 
Bring a friend and you will each receive 10% discount  

Booking is essential, places are limited, 50% deposit secures your place.  

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Please contact me with any queries on 07531 813 322 or email

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